I am really pleased with the makes I completed in January. I managed my target of two items (kind of – One isn’t quite finished). They are things that I had wanted to make for quite a while and I am so happy with how they turned out.

The first thing I made was a body-con dress. Last summer I discovered Girl Charlee, they are an online fabric store who sell jersey fabrics. There is not a huge range of fabric shops close to where I live and so I reluctantly started looking online for fabric. I was very nervous about this as it is so hard to tell what a fabric is like just from a little picture on my tablet screen, but with so little choice of jersey fabrics in shops I felt I had to! I think I came across Girl Charlee through another blog and decided to order fabrics which I had seen being used already so I knew how they could be used and how they looked being worn. Anyway, they came and I loved them so I have since been back for at least three of four more orders. I haven’t used all of it yet but I do have plans for them so keep your eyes peeled.

Anyway… for Christmas I was given a voucher for Girl Charlee by my lovely in-laws. I quickly ordered some more fabric and it came a few days later (Girl Charlee also have amazing delivery times and service).


I haven’t quite decided what I want to make with the monochrome and grey and white one yet but I knew I wanted a body-con dress with the multicoloured geometric print.

I didn’t have a pattern but I did have a dress in a similar shape so I decided to trace round that one on paper and use that as my pattern. My least favourite part of a project is the cutting out, it always takes ages and I don’t feel like I am achieving anything very quickly… I am very impatient! I needed to take my time with this one though to make sure the side seams all matched, I did cut corners a bit by folding the fabric twice so I cut out the front and back in one go, but it worked!  I wanted to add sleeves to my dress but had never done pattern matching on sleeves before so I put the pattern piece roughly where I though it should be and hoped for the best.

Then I got on with the sewing. I used my Brother overlocker to sew the side seams and shoulders. I love having an overlocker it just makes all the seams look so neat and it is very quick. I then made up the sleeves and attached them, I wasn’t bothered about pattern matching them but they have unintentionally turned out quite good I think. At least my Mum was impressed when I showed her but now I have done it once I think I could make them better in future.

The final bit was just hemming and doing the neckline. I cut a piece of the left over fabric to use as binding for the neck but just folded up the hem on the bottom and the sleeves. To sew them in place I used my twin needle on my Brother innovis-35 machine. I also bought this machine at Christmas so it took me a while to find the right stich and work out how to use the twin needle but I still think I didn’t do it quite right. Anyway it did the job all though I ran out of black thread so I didn’t manage to do one of the sleeves. I will buy some this week and finish it!


My next make was a Kimono jacket. I love Pinterest for finding ideas and simple patterns and so this was one of them. The fabric was from Trago Mills in Falmouth. I was on holiday there with my husband’s side of the family in October and while the men went to the harbour, me and my mother-in-law went fabric shopping. We couldnt resist, again, because there is so little at home I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy some different fabric everything there was good quality and cheep. This was a very light viscose with a floral print on.

The instructions to make it were so easy to follow. I drew out my measurements on the fabric (not that easy as the fabric moved a lot), cut it out, used my overlocker to sew the side seams from the bottom of the sleeves along the arms curved round under the arms and down the sides. It was then a case of just hemming it all on my sewing machine. Easy!


I have already worn the Kimono but think I need to wait for slightly warmer weather for the dress.

Can’t wait to see what other sewing related activities the year brings!




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