Fabric printing workshop

I have attended quite a few sewing related workshops in the past few years and so when my mother-in-law suggested going to a fabric printing workshop at Littleheath Barn Studio I jumped at the chance. She also invited my Mum and a few friends so it was a good opportunity for us all to do something together.

Littleheath barn is a lovely place where regular workshops are run for a range of different sewing and fabric printing techniques.  I had never been before but it was such a nice studio and the ladies that ran the session were so helpful and friendly.

To start with we could practice with some different block and screen prints on spare fabric before we moved onto our final pieces. We could print a bag, tea towel or cushion cover as part of the workshop and then buy any extra peices we wanted to do.

I had an idea of the things I wanted to do based on one of the examples they had done already, a cushion cover with a floral theme. I started to practice and with some advice on how to mix the paints I was set on my design.

I decided to use the green mixed with pearl white to make it slightly lighter for the background with the floral screen prints in grey on top. As much as I liked the bird prints I decided to save them for something else as well as the blue tribal prints.

I was really happy with the first side of my cushion and so while it was drying I used the bird print and some other random prints to decorate a cosmetic bag. I then decided to do the other side of my cushion in the opposite colours to the front, so grey as the background with green on top. This didn’t work as well but I am still pleased with the overall effect.

With a couple of hours of the workshop remaining (it had gone so quick!) I finished off by printing a scarf. Both myself and my mum decided to do one of these as soon as we saw an example. We both wear a lot of scarves and they were so cheap and easy to do I was excited to make something I could wear. We both had the same rough idea, dark blue block prints on the linen scarf. I tried out a few of the different tribal looking block prints and decided on four I wanted to use. I used a square block for a border along the bottom edge, followed by a stripe of smaller star shaped blocks. The next row was a larger circle block with an elaborate pattern inside, my favourite print of the day! I then used the small star print again, finishing off with my final block print merging to a point in the centre of the scarf. I loved my final design and so I wore it home! 

If you haven’t tried fabric printing I would definitely recommend it and Littleheath Barn was a fantastic venue for this workshop. Thank you to Liska and Claire for hosting a brilliant workshop.



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