Cocoon cardigan

With the end of half term fast approaching, I decided to make my second item of February. This was a much simpler project than my last as it only involved using 3 different sized rectangles of fabric! I found this pattern on Pinterest by Sew in Love who had done 2 video tutorials on how to construct the cardigan. I thought it would be perfect for my final jersey print fabric I got from Girl Charlee just after Christmas.

In the tutorial she uses a plain fabric and so I had to work out which direction to cut out my rectangles to have the print going in the direction that I wanted it to. The pattern has this elaborate design going in stripes, so I wanted the stripes to go vertically down the back of the cardigan.

I cut out my pieces but I quickly worked out, after I had make up the cuffs and watched the video again, that I had cut out the main body section so that the stripes would go horizontally, oops! Luckily I had just enough fabric left to cut out another body rectangle in the right direction. Unfortunately there was not enough for some more collar rectangles and so the pattern round the collar is in the other direction but when it is on I don’t think it is too noticeable. 

Once I had a new body section putting it all together was really easy. Attach the cuffs to the body, fold the body in half and sew the side seams from the cuffs to the body. I then attached the collar around the large raw edge in a circle. By using my overlocker on most of the seams it finished itself off as I went along and so as soon as the collar was on and pressed, it was done, no extra finishing needed! I hate fiddly finishing off bits and so I loved this project for that reason.

I am really happy with my final product and can’t wait to wear it, I think it works really well with jeans and is so comfy too!


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