Christmas presents

So this may be a bit late, but as I haven’t made anything this week I thought I would share what I made some family members for christmas. 

We have given handmade gifts in previous years but they have always been in the form of Chutney, so this year we decided to do something different. I had seen on Pinterest instructions for making a simple infinity scarf and as I had some left over fabric i decided to make one for me. It was so quick and easy to make and so I thought they would be ideal presents for our Mum’s, my sister and a couple of other family members. I ordered two different fabrics from Girl Charlee, a slightly festive one and a floral one, each one would make 2 scarfs. My mother in law loves elephants so I found a slightly different one for her from John Lewis.

The only difficult thing about making the scarfs was just the amount of fabric.  I cut each of the fabrics in half so I had 4 2 metre long stripes. I then folded them in half along the long edge, right sides together and overlocked the seam. The ends of the tube were then stitched to there to make a 2 metre long loop, finished! 

For the men in our family I was a bit unsure of what to make. Initially we thought of bow ties as I had made one earlier in the year for my husband who needed one for a wedding. I really enjoyed making it but I wanted to make something that they could wear regularly and so was not sure that a bow tie would be suitable. However, a regular tie seemed a better option and so I looked it up on Pinterest and found some ideas and instructions. They looked more complicated but I thought they would be a better present. We went to John Lewis for the fabric, picking a slightly festive one again and a navy one with cream spots for the other. With all the fabric I was able to make 8 ties altogether and so my husband also ended up with 2!

To make the pattern for the ties I decided to unpick a pre-existing one and then use the pieces from that as my pattern pieces. Unfortunately I didn’t realise that the tie I used as my template was a child’s tie! Only after I had made up my first one and tried it on did I realise that it was a little on the short side! The first tie and scarf i made were destined for our relatives in Canada and as the last post was that next week i didnt have time to make another, so the short one had to be sent, sorry! I altered the pattern for all the others  and so they are slightly longer but they still could do with being lengthened more.they still fit and look fine when on it just means that the thin partbof the tie is very short at yhe back. Having never made a tie before I was so pleased with how they all turned out. I hate hand sewing and ties involve a LOT of hand sewing so I quickly developed that skill a bit more. 

I didn’t manage to take any pictures of when I was making them but I hope you like my finished products, I had lots of compliments from the recipients.  My dad has even asked for more ties as he is wearing his all the time for work! 


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