Cami top

This is technically my second make of March. I started it on the last weekend of the month but didn’t quite managed to get it finished as it took longer than I expected.  But it still counts…Right?!

I wanted to make a camisole top using some of the left over fabric i had from my Pencil Skirt. I had a design in my head and so decided to use some different pattern pieces to help draft my own to the design I wanted. For the front I used the camisole top pattern from the most recent Great British Sewing Bee book but widened it at the sides and lengthened it to suit the style that I wanted. For the back, I altered the racerback pattern piece I used for my Monochrome Maxi Dress by changing the shape slightly and lengthening it so that it went more to my hips than waist. Both pattern pieces were very much an estimate in terms of size as I wasn’t sure how baggy I wanted it to be, so I made it bigger in anticipation of taking it in.

I made sure to match up the pattern on the side seams and then used my overlocker to sew them. I then cut out strips of bias to make the straps and to edge the front and back which was again estimated. Once I had pinned them and cut them down to size, I overlocked one of the long edges and then overlocked the other onto the top. To finish them off I folded them over and stitched down with a twin needle. The edging for the front and back work perfectly and looked so neat and professional but the straps ended up being really baggy under the arms. This is the point at which I stopped as I had other stuff I needed to do and knew it wasn’t going to be a quick job to fix.

Fast forward to today, I unpicked about an inch and a half of the strap either side of the side seams and then took in about an inch from the front and back on both sides,  still being careful to match up the pattern. I then reattached the bias binding and it now fits perfectly 😃. I am not sure whether I am just not putting the bias on correctly and if is stretching it out of shape or whether it was just too big in the first place.

The final job was to hem the bottom and then I was done! I am so looking forward to the warmer weather this weekend so I can wear it! I am hoping to make another one of these as it was just a practice really for some other fabric that I have but wanted to make sure my pattern drafting skills were up to it. Hopefully I won’t have the same problems with the straps next time, although I do want to make a few other adjustments as well.


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