Simply Sewing mag “Jenny top”

For my Birthday last year I was given a subscription to Simply Sewing magazine. I have really enjoyed reading it as it has given me so many ideas and I love all the patterns that it comes with each month. Having said that I hadn’t actually used any of the free patterns…until this one. When this issue arrived I instantly loved the idea of this pattern, partly because it was using knit fabric and also because I wear a lot of layering tops. 

I had a small amount of left over fabric from my cocoon cardigan because I cut it out wrong but thought I would just about have enough in that piece to make the top part of the Jenny pattern. I didn’t have any fabric I though would go with it for the dress part so decided to just make the top. I cut out the pattern pieces and luckily I did have just about enough fabric. When I met Ben from Girl Charlee he mentioned that he really didn’t like cutting out this fabric as it stuck together so much. I hadn’t noticed it when doing my cardigan as I was just cutting out huge rectangles so I didn’t double the fabric to make sure that I cut along the right point in the pattern. However, trying to get the fold in the right place for this pattern was a pain, it took so long to get it to lie flat and in the right place! 

When I had finally got the two pattern pieces cut out I started sewing it together. The instructions were fairly easy to follow but the pictures definately helped. I had a few problems when sewing my fabric as it was so thin when starting off that it struggled you grip it and move it to begin with so I started using the wheel to get it going. There is a lot of straight line twin needle stitching in this pattern which is good as it makes it look really neat but it seamed to go on forever! 

The final step was to add a hook and eye to the back to hold it together when wearing. I like that in the dress variation it is sewn onto the dress so you don’t have to worry about this, and it is more secure. After trying on a few times I decided to add some tacking stitches by the hook and eye to hold it in place so that it definately didn’t come undone.

I am very pleased I was able to use the left over fabric for this make. It is a really good cover up over a plain tank top, ideal for summer. I loved wearing it this weekend in the warm weather! 


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