Mens Pyjama Shorts

My husband has been pestering me for ages to make him some new pyjama shorts. I am not very good at making things for other people as I am sure I have mentioned in a previous post. I have attempted to make him cargo shorts before but he needs a lot of measuring and fitting as his body shape does not comply with normal pattern sizes. He didn’t like this and when I am sewing he tends to be out and so fitting doesn’t really happen. However I thought I would be pretty safe with pyjama shorts as they tend to be very baggy and I thought I would use a pair he already has to make up the pattern pieces. 

The fabric I used was a grey alphabet print from Girl Charlee. I bought it at the Sewing for Pleasure show in March after Jen from Girl Charlee recommended it to me as she had used it for similar things in the past. Initially I wasn’t sure if my husband would like the pattern but it looks good now they are made up.

Once I had cut out the pieces I overlocked the front and back seams and then the side seams followed by the final clothe seam. Once it was made up to that stage I cut out the waistband based on the waist measurement and attached that leaving a small gap for the elastic. Unfortunately I only had thin elastic but thought I would use it anyway. Again, as he was out I tried to estimate the length of elastic based on the original shorts. Once it was in I hemmed the legs and then topstitched the seam down at the waistband (I realise this is a bit backwards but I only realised it might be useful after).

When he got home, and tried them on, they fitted fine but the waistband still looked a bit weird. If I had used wider elastic I probably would have this problem but to fix it I decided to stitch another layer of twin needle stitching above the elastic which has made it lie much better on the body.

He wasn’t impressed they didn’t have pockets in so I may attempt to make another pair for him in the future. They were very quick to make and I would get some thicker elastic for another pair. I like them even if he doesn’t end up wearing that often.


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