Sewing Zadie!

I have been tempted to try some of the Tilly and the Buttons patterns for ages but have never got round to buying any, partly because I like doing my own thing. However, looking at all the gorgeous Zadie dresses on instagram and Pinterest I knew I wanted to try it. I decided to buy one of the kits as one of them available had some stunning floral print as the main fabric with black fabric as the contrast sleeves and sides.

I ordered it on Saturday morning and my parcel arrived on the following Wednesday which I was really impressed with. The fabric was really soft and so I thought that it would make up a really comfy dress. I didn’t start making it straight away as I had some other projects on the go, but I did work out my size and cut out the pattern pieces. My size matched the size 10 measurements perfectly and so that made it easy to cut out the pattern pieces. I decided to go for the 3/4 sleeves as i thought that it was the most flattering style. The information on the pattern gave lots of helpful instructions which you don’t always get on commercial patterns which I was impressed with. 

There was plenty of fabric in the kit and so it was easy to cut out all the pieces with lots of fabric spare. The first steps were to sew on the stabilising ribbon to the front pieces, I had never done this before and I wasn’t quite sure if I was doing it completely right. Another thing I found strange was using my sewing machine on jersey fabric, the fabric was very thin and so my machine struggled when starting off as it didn’t grip it very well, but I also usually just use my overlocker but the pattern said not to so I went with it. Once I had sewn the front pieces together I understood why it needed to be on the machine but I was relieved when I got onto the second half of the instructions as it involved using the overlocker much more!

The neck band was a perfect size and so didn’t need altering to lie flat when wearing. I then matched up the side seams and using the 1.5cm seam allowance stitched them on my overlocker. When I tried it on it was massive from the bust down! I think this was partly because the black fabric was so lightweight it didn’t hold its shape very well so was baggy. To take it in, I cut off the stitching from the bust down and pinned it again taking in at least an inch from the front and back on both sides! I tried it on again before I put it through the overlocker and it felt so much better. One reflection i proably should have cut out the size 8 at with the jersey there was plenty of give in the fabric. After stitching it all together again, I hemmed the sleeves and skirt. I decided to take 4.5inches of the length of the skirt and then turned it up by half an inch. As much as I liked the long length I felt like I would wear it more if it was shorter.

Having had the trouble with the sizing I am really pleased with my final result. I love the colour combination and I think it is a very flattering style. I loved the packaging of the pattern and the whole layout of the instructions it was so well done and easy to follow, i cant wait to try out another Tilly pattern, Rosa is next on my list! The fabric is so soft and comfortable to wear, I can’t wait to wear it! 


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