Floral jersey dress

So where to start with this one… I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted to make this weekend. I had found a dress on Pinterest which I thought would suit some fabric i have had in my stash for nearly a year and so thought it was an easy bank holiday make. I decided to try and mix a few patterns I already had and hack them to make it. I had a bodice pattern and sleeves from my body con dress and a maxi skirt pattern from my monochrome Maxi dress. I didn’t think the bodice and sleeves needed altering as they fitted before but I made the maxi skirt wider around the waist again to try and add in the gathers at the waist.

I didn’t have a huge amount of fabric but thought I would have just about enough. When I thought I had cut out all the pieces I started to construct the bodice, I attached the sleeves before I did the side seams which I think was my first mistake as when I tried it on, the sleeves wouldn’t go past my elbows!  I didn’t take into account that this fabric didn’t have as much stretch and so there wasn’t as much give. I decided to cut the sleeves shorter which worked so it would go over my head, it was still tight but I decided to carry on anyway. 

Anyway at this point I also realised that I had only cut one skirt piece! I just about had enough fabric to cut another but it was a couple of inches shorter šŸ˜ž. My plan was to gather it with clear elastic and then attached it to the bodice. I have never used clear elastic before and so this was another trial, I thought I went pretty well but I didn’t make the skirt big enough as it wasn’t as gathered as I would have liked.

I also decided at this point that it wasn’t long enough and so I made it into a shorter dress instead. So my 3/4-sleeved-t-shirt-gathered-maxi-dress is now a short-sleeved-t-shirt-not-so-gathered-mini-dress. I do like my finished result but I would like to make my original idea at some point. I have definately learnt a few things in this make, like checking measurements ALL THE TIME! I think everyone has a make like this at some point though and this has probably been one of my first but I think I just about saved it, I think. One thing I am proud of is the neckband, I haven’t made many before but this one sits perfectly and looks really neat. I love sewing because I am always trying and learning new things and even if this one hasn’t turned out quite as planned I have definately tried and learnt new things! 


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