Summer Slouch Jumper

After a couple of weeks off from sewing I was craving time in front of my sewing machine. I decided to make something simple to begin with and knew this top would me an ideal make as not a huge amount of fitting would be needed. 

The pattern is the Simplicity K8089 which I got in the Sew Magazine last month. It has a batwing sleeve with cuffs from the elbow to waist the fits tight around the hips. It could be made as a t-shirt or a thin jumper over a top which was my plan. I had some fabric in my stash from Girl Charlee which was perfect, I had been planning to make a jumper with it but didn’t have a pattern, until now. It is a lightweight Hacci sweater knit with a pale pink a blue slub in it. So pretty and subtle but ever so slightly see through and so would need a top underneath.

I cut it all out with the plan to make view A, with the long sleeves. It was a really simple construction, sewing the shoulder seams first, attaching the neckband then the side seams. At this point I tried it on, the fit was perfect and the fabric looked so effective, but I decided that to keep it as a summer jumper I didn’t want to attach the full sleeves. Maybe if it was a heavier fabric I would have stuck to my original choice, but it just didn’t feel right to add the sleeves. Instead of hemming the arm holes I decided to add a small cuff and so I still used the sleeve piece but cut it to 3 inches wide so that the cuffs would be about 1 inch. The final step was to hem the bottom which I overlocked and then turned up by 1 inch. 

I love the length of this top as there is enough fabric to gather up on the hips which I think makes it more flattering and more interesting with this fabric as it adds patches of darker fabric. I am so happy with my decision the keep the sleeves short, again it makes the shape really flattering and much more of a summer top. 

I can easily see myself making more of these tops, so quick and easy as well as easy to wear, depending on the fabric they can be dressed up or dressed down. This one could be either, but love it with jeans and wore this outfit out to the shops that afternoon! 

Love a make you can wear straight away! 


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