Sewing Bettine!

I may be a bit late to the party but I LOVE this pattern! Having seen so many gorgeous Bettine dresses I so was desperate to make my own and it has finally happened.

I decided to try the PDF pattern, which was new for me, however it was so easy to print and put together I will definitely use them more. I cut out the straight size 4 as it fitted my measurements perfectly but thought it would be easy to make any changes if needed from there. The instructions are so easy to follow and the pictures are helpful when needed.

My fabric was from The Sewing Cafe which I bought at the Handmade Fair in May. I got it purposely for this dress as the pattern was so pretty but it being linen meant that it could stay quite casual. There isn’t really any stretch in the fabric but that’s ok as it is a loose fitting dress however, it is quite stiff so doesn’t drape that much on the top part.

The only alterations I made were to use thicker elastic and to take it in over the hips. Initially I put 5mm elastic in but it didn’t feel tight enough even when stretched quite a bit and so I wanted something with a bit more strength and that wasn’t as stretchy, so I swapped it for thicker elastic. Threading the thicker elastic was probably the hardest part of the pattern, I have no idea why, as I did the stitching to supposedly make it easier but I just couldn’t get it past one point for ages! However, I am pleased I persiviered because it is so much better with the thicker elastic. I also took about 1 inch off each side seam over the hips. I am really not a hippy person and so usually end up taking patterns in here anyway, but I’m really pleased with the final skirt shape, I think it is very flattering.

I am really happy with my final product, it even got my husbands seal of approval,which doesn’t always happen!

I wore it for the first time this weekend and loved it. So comfy and perfect for the warm weather!

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