Traveling  trousers

I always want to travel in comfy clothes, Jeans are a no, no for me on flights! So when we recently went on a long haul flight I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make something for our travels. I had a New Look pattern (6436) for loose fitting trousers already and had made them once before in cotton. I had to take in the legs but other than that they fit really well and so i knew it was a perfect pattern to use. The cotton I used however was quite stiff and so i wanted something with more drape for my next pair.

When I was having a sort out of my sewing room I found a voucher for The Sewing Cafe and so I went on their website and found a gorgeous Viscose Poplin. It had an oriental pattern with blue and orange colours which is totally my style and knew would be perfect for this pattern. When it arrived it was even more beautiful and soft than I thought and I saw on their instagram after I had ordered it that it was selling very well, and I am not surprised it definately is a stunning fabric.

As well as taking in the legs seams, I also added a couple of inches to the height of the centre back as my previous pair had felt very low when I sat down. Because of this I had to make the waistband slightly longer but only by a couple of inches. They fit so well and as trousers go, particularly considering the fit issues I had with the Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers, they needed very little fitting.

They went together really well and were a very quick make once the legs had been fitted properly. The fabric is so soft and works so well with the pattern. I love the fact they have pockets as this makes them so much more practical, especially when travelling. I was expecting the shape to distort slightly during our journey, particularly at the knees, after being sat down for so long, but even after a delay of 2 hours, being sat on a plane for nearly 10 hours and then a further 4 hours travelling by bus, ferry and car they have stood up very well!

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