I’m Abby and thank you for visiting my blog. I have being sewing since I was very young thanks to my very talented Mum who has taught me pretty much everything I know.

I didn’t sew at all when I was at university but since starting my job as a secondary science teacher I have rediscovered my love for sewing both as a stress release and to sew my own Wardrobe!

In the last few years I have developed my skills so much more and love designing new items of clothing by making up my own patterns or changing preexisting patterns. I love being inspired by other people’s blogs and so hope this will inspire other people to develop their sewing skills.

My aim for 2017 is to make at least 2 items a month and show you them on my blog. This doesn’t sound like a lot but with a full time teaching job taking up weekdays and some of my weekends I am hoping to make time to get out my machines as often as I can.

So…let’s get Sewing!